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Conditions regarding the use of this website

These conditions apply to the use of this website of By accessing this website or by using the information on this website the user automatically accepts these Conditions.

What we dig:

  • Treating everyone with respect.
  • Making online friends.
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions. 

What we don’t dig:

  • Disrespect for any reason.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Creating duplicate accounts (split personality is not a good reason….).
  • Trying to influence scores. 
  • Using someone else’s notes / reviews to claim points.

Information disclaimer

This websites is intended to serve general information purposes only. The information provided on this website is not intended as an advice in any way. The information on this website is composed and maintained with continuous care and attention by Whiskybase B.V..

wever, Whiskybase B.V. cannot give any warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information on this website. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on this website. Whiskybase B.V. is under no circumstances liable for damages of whatever nature, in anyway resulting from the use of this website or resulting from or related to the use of information presented on or made available through this website or damages resulting from the non-availability of this website. The website of Whiskybase B.V. includes references and/or hyperlinks to third party websites. These references and hyperlinks are included for information purposes only and are selected by Whiskybase B.V. in good faith. In no event Whiskybase B.V. gives any guarantee or accepts any liability in relation to the content, use and availability of such websites. Whiskybase B.V. cannot give any warranty as to the timely receipt or processing of emails or other electronic messages sent to Whiskybase B.V. and is under no circumstances liable for damages of whatever nature, in anyway resulting from the non timely receipt or processing of emails or other electronic messages sent to Whiskybase B.V..

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights and database rights related to the information, text, images, logos, photographs and illustrations on this website and regarding the lay-out and design thereof are the property of Whiskybase B.V.
d/or have been licensed to Whiskybase B.V. by the owner(s) of those rights. The information on this website is only meant for personal, non commercial use. The reproduction and publishing (of parts of) the content of this website for non personal and/or commercial use, in whatever form, or in whatever way, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Whiskybase B.V.. The use of hyperlinks to (any page of) the website of Whiskybase B.V. is only allowed with prior written consent of Whiskybase B.V.. Whiskybase B.V. will not allow any hyperlink to (any page of) her website if the content, image or reputation of the host website is irreconcilable with the name, reputation, services or products of Whiskybase B.V. or the content of this website, in the opinion of Whiskybase B.V.


Whiskybase B.V. respects the privacy of all users of this website and ensures that personal information provided to Whiskybase B.V. by email and/or by contact form, will be treated confidentially and in conformity with the Dutch Privacy Law (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). Personal information provided to Whiskybase B.V. via the website of Whiskybase B.V. or by email, shall be used solely for the purpose for which the personal data is provided to Whiskybase B.V., for instance the reaction to requests for information. If you have any question with respect to the processing of your personal data by Whiskybase B.V., please contact e-mail: [email protected]

Whiskybase uses external services to enhance the functionality of these external services are:

— Google analytics for analytics
— Mailchimp for sending our newsletters
— Paypal, Multisafepay and Stripe for handeling Market payments

Your personal data (collection, purchase price, tasting notes, reviews and checkins) are not shared with other companies and are securely stored in our database.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The entrance and use of this website and these Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes arising out of the entrance or use of this website and/or the use of information derived from this website shall exclusively be submitted to and finally be resolved by the competent court in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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